Rapid Microbial Identification Services

If you’re still relying on antiquated methods for microbial identification, you may be having an identity crisis.Accurate microbial identification requires significant and continuous process refinements, timely updates to organism libraries that reflect current taxonomy and classification, and the familiarity and expertise in interpreting data. These attributes are only achieved with experience.

Genotypic Identification

For over a decade, Accugenix has sequenced and identified more than a half-million micro-organisms, both bacteria (BacSeq) and fungi (FunITS), from over 1000 facilities around the world. Our sequence-based genetic microbial identification services, AccuGENX-ID®, are considered the industry’s “gold standard” methods of choice for moderate and complex applications, such as high-risk manufacturing, sterility failures, final product releases and testing for sterile fill facilities.

Proteotypic Identification

Accugenix offers AccuPeaks™, a proteotypic method based on MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry technology. AccuPeaks™ is an ideal high value/low cost solution for routine environmental monitoring and primary screening needs, providing bacterial identification to the species level with greater accuracy than antiquated biochemical methods. Additionally, we back it with our AccuGENIX-ID™ method at additional cost.

Sequence Analysis – Puzzled with the data generated by your automated sequencing system?

Having trouble with your A, C, G, and T’s? Spending too much time dealing with insertions and deletions? Searching the public databases looking for an ID? Accugenix offers our AccuBLAST® service to address the needs of customers utilizing in-house microbial identification systems (MicroSEQ®) who require a higher level of expertise in data analysis, report interpretation, library coverage for accurate microbial identification.

Customize your experience – We work with you to meet your internal requirements

Accugenix has the capability and expertise to perform many additional services including other commercially available identification methods and tests outside of our proprietary offerings. Our dedicated staff members are ready to handle your custom microbial methods and phenotypic identifications, in addition to Special Projects for custom sequencing. We will gladly work with you to provide the answers that you need.

Compare other commercial technologies

For comparative purposes, we also provide access to Commercial Solutions that are an inexpensive, although higher risk, option for our clients. These “Out of the Box” options include utilizing the ABI MicroSEQ® system (with its v.2.2 Bacterial Library and v.2.0 Fungal Library) and the Bruker MALDI Biotyper® (with its v.3.1.2 Bacterial Library) for your identification purposes. Many organizations are quickly recognizing that obtaining a rapidand accurate identification is far from an “out of the box” solution. Whether your identification needs are a simple matter of procedural monitoring, or the stuff that can keep a staff of Ph.D. Molecular Biologists up at night, you can count on Accugenix for consistent, high-quality results for the real-world species and current taxonomy your work requires.