Is a “Proteotypic ID powered by Accugenix”

Accurate identification of unknown microbial isolates is an essential first step in understanding the impact microorganisms have in an environmental monitoring program, and their potential effect on your products. The AccuPeaks™ solution from Charles River provides accurate, reproducible, rapid and economical microbial identification for regulated industries required to identify microorganisms on a routine basis.

Polyphasic Microbial Identification

AccuPeaks™ is a first-in-industry polyphasic approach to microbial identification utilizing proteotypic MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry technology. The testing process yields a unique protein spectral fingerprint that is then compared to the Accugenix® validated MALDI- TOF database for identification. This multiphase approach offers higher confidence in species-level identifications, faster results, and a more cost-effective option for your routine monitoring programs.

AccuPeaks™ Offers Superior Performance Over Existing Phenotypic and Other MALDI-TOF Systems.
  • Less dependent on growth conditions.
  • Demonstrated improvement in accuracy (30-40%) of identifications over phenotypic ID systems*.
  • Proven increased reproducibility and repeatability*.
  • The Accugenix® proprietary MALDI-TOF database provides more extensive coverage for EM isolates than any other commercially available MALDI-TOF system.

*According to in-house blind studies submitted by Charles River clients

Why choose AccuPeaks™?
  • Our experience and expertise: we have been offering this technology under cGMP for industrial applications since 2010, longer than any other contract laboratory in the industry.
  • Over 1,100 MALDI-TOF spectra entries exclusive to the Accugenix® reference database specific to the industrial manufacturing environment.
  • An industry-leading 98% reportable identification rate.
  • Higher confidence in species-level identifications yields more effective tracking and trending information for your EM program.
  • Rapid turnaround times available with 99% on-time delivery of results.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • No Gram stain or ancillary testing required.
The AccuPeaks™ Process flow

Start with a Simple Source: Single isolated viable cell material
Sample Extraction and Application
Matrix crystallization mix
Data Acquisition
Data Analysis
Analyze the data against a proprietary database Generate an ID Report Quality Assurance review of Report